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Mythology of Ikaria island


The worship of gods who came to the Greek market from Asia, was formed in principle in the islands. Later diadothike and central Greece. Many of the myths that were mentioned in the birth and upbringing of the gods in the pleasant and impressive environment of the islands. Almost all the islands, even the smallest, we find temples and altars and celebrations and ceremonies.

The myth of Dionysus

In one of the many versions, Ikaria was the birthplace of the god Dionysus. It is said that he was born at term Drakano.

Artemis Tauropolos

However, besides from the birthplace of Dionysus, Ikaria seems (according to mythology) have been a favorite residence of the goddess Artemis.

Tradition says that the goddess came together with the nymphs, hunting in Ikaria. Physics was of course the existence of a temple in her honor, Na.

daedalus Icarus


Apart from their presence with the goddess Artemis, the nymphs are shown in many myths of the island. For example, St. George according to legend was the home of Ipas. Many of the place names of the island from the Nymphs. For example, the village of Arethusa nymph Arethusa, the nymph Daphne by Daphne. There is also the Bay Bride. To say that it lived Naiades, nymphs accompanying Dionysus.

Icarus and Daedalus

The best known and most closely associated with the island legend is none other than the myth of Icarus. Icarus, son of Daedalus, who with his father escaped from the labyrinth of Minos using wings from feathers and wax. But Icarus flew too close to the sun, so the wax melts and falls into the Icarian Sea.



The ancient town of Therma eventually changed its name from "Thermae" became "Asclepius". This new name, which cleverly rushed to get residents of the ancient Baths were once the best sources, while putting the city under the protection of the new god of medicine, Asclepius, gave them nationwide recognition and status as "therapists".


Apollo is associated with many legends of the island. One of them says he was born in the Holy Cave. Related to the myth of Asclepius, and the myth of Daphne. Believed God therapist about this and has given its name to Source Apollo.

Poseidon and Persephone

A special place to worship the Air Force had Neptune and Persephone, who found the coin representations of the island.

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