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Greek Islands Ancient Coins

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Usually, when we talk about coins and collecting, we mean ancient coins, or in this case ancient Greek coins. But most of us don't have the luxury of owning any of these coins. Most of us own coins that are a bit more recent, but just as important as the ancient coins (or at least to us).

Well, anyway, let me talk about myself. I started collecting coins when I was a kid. I had a head start though, unlike some collectors, because my mother and my father had some coins they'd saved when they were young. They also had coins that their parents had given to them, coins they'd saved and coins they were given by their parents who were given other coins from my great-grandparents and the story goes on and gets even more confusing... But the point is there's a line: everyone collected coins and passed them on to the next generation. The latest stop of this generation line is me. I have all of those coins in my house, displayed on a beautiful table with a glass. Someday, I intend on passing this beloved collection along with the need to collect on to my son. The story will go on, like it always does.

So, here are some of those coins that I've collected. Some of them are in a great condition and some are a tiny bit...detrited. But they're all beautiful and they all hold a special place in my heart. They're my collection.

ancient greek coins - Lysimachos

Recently I visited the beautiful island of Rhodes. When I decided to visit the Castle of the Knights I found a book at the souvenir shop, provided by Greek the ministry of culture, that had a full-length description of the ancient coins used in the Greek islands. Its full title is "The Aegean of the Coins" and if your interest is as intense as my own you should take a look at the photos and the information written in it. Using this book as an inspiration I have decided to include in each island's link a special part referring to the coins of each one including some photographs and specific data. Enjoy!

rare coins - the aegean of the coins