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Panagiotis Panagiotis in the famous Castle of Rhodes island

Hello! My name is Panagiotis and I'll be your guide to the Greek Islands. If you decide to follow me I will help you discover the beauty of the Greek islands and maybe make you fall in love with them and decide to explore them further!

Before you make up your mind let me tell you a few things about myself so that you can get to know me better. I am 37 years old and I got married two years ago in Santorini, the Greek Cycladic island. I was born and raised in Athens, my father is from Lesvos and my mother from Heraklio. After I entered the university in Rethymno Crete, the largest island of Greece, I moved there for four years to complete my studies and then I returned back to Athens. Both my parents are extremely proud to be Greeks, which resulted in my traveling since I was an infant to them.

I have visited all of the islands at least once, some of them maybe twice and Crete more than 10 times. Every year I visit one or sometimes even two Greek islands in the summer. I'm a high-school teacher, which means that my holidays last about 2 months each year, giving me more than enough time to plan and visit the islands I want to visit.

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Greek islands greek islands

Few words on my visits to the Greek islands. Maps of the islands, location, the must sees and tips for visitors...

Greek Beaches greek beaches

Every one loves the do I! Few words on the beaches you will find on Greek islands and many photos of them...

Greek Food greek food

Eating in Greece is part of the culture. For me a small guide on our eating habits and Greek cuisine is a necessary part of this site...

Greek Traditional Products traditional products

Every Greek island has its specialties; whether a rare vegetable or a local cheese all traditional products are delicious. We'll explore them together...

Greece Maps greece - greek map

Spot in the Greece maps I have added where each Greek island is located. All maps are interactive (satellite & hybrid maps)!

Greek Recipes mousaka

Are you ready for a taste of real Greece? I have found and added to this guide numerous Greek and recipes, so that you bring Greece at home!

Greek Ancient Coins greek ancient coins

I am going to display photographs of my ancient greek coins collection and information on them that I have read in the book "The Aegean of the Coins"

Marine Traffic marine traffic

Click to see the marine traffic in the Aegean Sea. Tankers, passenger ships, yaughts, cargo vessels etc are all marked, showing their current speed and position.

As you know, we cannot plan everything. So I started this guide on Greek islands and ended up adding more and more sections, like the Traditional villages you will find on each island, the ancient Greek coins, the famous Greek people and hot springs of Greece. And I'm sure I will add more sections in the future.

map of greece greece - map of greece

So, follow me and let me help you decide which Greek island is the perfect destination for your vacation.

Greece has 3000 islands, of which 170 are inhabited. The Islands are divided into 6 complexes or groups, determined by their positions. Those groups are the following: the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Northeast Aegean Islands, the Ionian Islands, the Argo-Saronic Islands and the Sporades. Add to this list Crete that does not officially belong to any of the groups and you will have a total.

Before we take them one by one, let me explain the general plan I am going to use in this guide. Since every island has a lot of aspects, I am going to have to divide every "analysis" into categories, questions if you like, that will make your searching and reading a lot easier.

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