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Imerovigli Santorini

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imerovigli santoirni - imerovigli-santorini imerovigli santoirni - imerovigli church

Imerovigli is the natural continuation of Fira which is situated on a higher cliff. Its name comes from the word “vigla” which means “day”. As you will notice a very large rock is located in front of the village. It is called Skaros and until 1800 it was a part of the land with a castle on top where all the administrative offices of the island were located. More than 100 homes and monasteries could be found on top of the rock. The monasteries have been relocated, one to Fira and the other to Firostefani. After the earthquake of 1956 when the whole village was almost totally destroyed the houses that were at the edge of the cliff were abandoned. Today Imerovigli is a beautiful and quiet village and also one of the top areas in Greece for accommodation. It is famous for its view and many tourists visit it throughout the year.

imerovigli santoirni - imerovigli view imerovigli santoirni - imerovigli skaros rock

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