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Sifnos Traditional Villages


It is only 6km from the port, it took its name because of the worshiping practices for Enargos Apollonas. It is also called Stavri and it has replaced Kastro as the capital of the island in 1836. After the development of the port in Kamares and the construction of the road which leads from Kamares to Apollonia the settlement started to move towards the port. The town planning is designated by a central street for pedestrians, Steno, which intercepts with smaller streets.

sifnos island - kamares village sifnos island - kamares village

Apollonia today is the commercial and administrative center of the island which can cover all kinds of needs with its shops, super markets, pharmacies, banks and doctors. The nightlife can also be exciting since Steno is full of cafes, restaurants and bars which stay open till morning

Artemonas, Ano Petali, Kato Petali

Artemonas is one of the most beautiful villages in Sifnos 2km to the north of Apollonia. It stands out because of its stately homes and the neoclassical mansions with their flower gardens. The combination of Cycladic architecture along with the neoclassical elements provide the location with an aristocratic character. To the top of the hill you will see the old picturesque windmills, the house where Ioannis Griparis, the poet, was born and you will visit churches like Panagia tis Kohis, Panagia tis Ammou and Panagia tou Mpali, which is the protector saint of Artemonas.

The paths of the village lead to Ano Petali and Kato Petali. Their name in the local dialect means rocky rise. It is characteristic that these two villages along with Artemonas form a special architectural cluster where the Cycladic elements harmoniously mix with the neoclassical character.

If you want to stay in Artemonas there are rooms which will ensure a comfortable stay for you.

sifnos island - artemonas village sifnos island - sifnos village


In the western part of Sifnos is a small village called Vathi near the sea. You will reach it following the road from Apollonia or by boat. The beach of the island is known for its shallow, clean waters ideal for children and poor swimmers.

In the taverna near by you will eat fresh fish and taste the local recipes. Vathi has a tradition of pottery making. This is the place of origin of some of the best craftsmen.

One of the most important sights of the area is Taxiarches monastery which was established during the 16th century.

Find a room and stay for the night. The village is magnificent.

sifnos island - fasolou village sifnos island - village at night


This is the most picturesque fishing village in Sifnos. It is 7km southeast of Apollonia. It is the most safe and windless port of the island since it is protected by three capes - Faros, Glyfo, Fasolou - that surround it. The settlement is built on these capes the beaches of which are known for their clean, shallow waters.

In the entrance of the village's port is built the monastery of Stavros from where the view is spellbinding. In the tavernas of the area you will have the chance to taste traditional recipes and fresh sea food.

sifnos island - faros village sifnos island - faros village


Kastro is one of the villages that every visitor of the island has to see. It was the capital of the island during the ancient times, middle age and the more recent period till 1836.

The current appearance of the castle is a characteristic example of how was the fort architecture during the Venetian period. The houses have two or three floors and they are consecutively built so that their external walls are simultaneously the walls of the fort as well. These houses were usually inhabited by the poorer social classes while the ones in the internal part which were more secure from the pirates were inhabited by the aristocracy of the time.

Cars are not allowed in the settlement so you will have the time to enjoy long walks during which you will see old churches, picturesque squares, nicely built houses, narrow streets and the stairs which lead to the top of the hill. The view from there is magnificent.

During your stay in Kastro don't forget to visit the archaeological museum to see the rare collection of sculptures and ceramics from the Geometric and Byzantine eras.

For swimming visit Seralia by following the stairs leading to it. It is a small isolated beach with small pebbles.

sifnos island - kastro village sifnos island - kastro village

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