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Serifos Traditional Villages

Serifos Chora

The capital of the island is built amphitheatrically on a hill. It is 5km away from Livadi, the port of Serifos. This settlement is justifiably characterized as traditional since it maintains its medieval appearance while it stays intact from the tourist development. Narrow streets, white-washed houses, mills, churches and squares are the main characteristics which show the authentic beauty of the Cycladic settlement.

Chora is divided in two parts, Kato and Pano Chora. The town hall is in Pano Chora and it is the only neoclassical building of the settlement. There you will have a chance to take a peak at the archaeological collection of the island.

serifos traditional villages - serifos chora serifos traditional villages - chora square

On the top of the hill are the ruins of the venetian castle. The view from there is enchanting. During your tour in town you will notice that there are many churches. Agios Athanasios, Agios Eleftherios, Agios Ioannis Theologos, Agios Konstantinos and so on. I only mention some of them.

If you like traditional dishes it would be a good idea to visit the tavernas of Chora. Don't leave without tasting the marathotiganites, kaparosalata (caper salad), kakavia (soup from a variety of fish) and chicken with spagghetti. The local wine is also excellent. If you like the ambience you won't have trouble finding a room to stay. Have a nice stay!


This village is situated to the northern part of Serifos island and it is amphitheatrically built on the slope of the mountain. It owes its name to the ancient mines of galena that are in the area and it is my favorite settlement since it has white-washed houses and small streets that urge you to walk on them and explore the area. Its view to the Aegean is really incredible. From here you will also find the trail which leads to the beautiful Sikamia beach which is excellent.

serifos island - serifos house serifos island - serifos chapel

Kentarchos or Kallitsos

It is said that it took its name from the ancient word kalliston, which means beautiful, and not unfairly if I may add. It is situated to the northeastern side of the island on a green valley with its white houses, the small square, the narrow streets and the dovecots, it looks like a painting. The initial location of the village was a bit higher but it was ruined pirates. The specific position was chosen during the rebellion of 1821.

Finally, following a trail with stone stairs for about twenty minutes you will reach Kentarchos beach with the deep blue waters. This is a location that you shouldn't' t miss.


Panagia is a village situated in the center of Serifos island and it is amphitheatrically built on a hill. It is named after the church which helped in the settlement's development during the 19th century. This church is one of the most important religious monuments of the island.

The village is small but beautiful and it is worth a walk in its picturesque streets as well as a stop for resting in its shady square right next to the church.

serifos island - serifos house serifos island - serifos house serifos island - serifos squere

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