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Corfu Traditional Villages

Corfu Town

The town of Corfu is the best place that you should visit

Kabielo and Mon Repo, the sunset in the old fort, the tall Venetian buildings, the gates and the castles, the narrow streets of the island called kantounia, the squares with the Venetian wells, the churches, the philharmonics, the museums and the palace are all parts of a fairy tale town that will enchant you.

There you will see Spianada, the favorite square of the locals, you will drink coffee or ginger beer under the mulberry trees while you are watching cricket games and hearing the music from the philharmonics. You will notice old people reading their newspapers in cafes, people walking around eating their nougats, tourists trying to photograph the washed clothes hanging above their heads, the church of Agios Spiridon, the new and old fort and the palace.

As the time passes people start to leave Kabielo with a destination to the bars and clubs in Ethnikis Antistaseos street where you will also head for. In Nonnas candy shop which is open all day and night you will taste delicious sweets and pies from Macedonia that you can also take with you. if you haven't returned to your hotel room in sunrise take your time since it's the best time to walk to Kabielo and feel the morning sea breeze while you smell the jasmines

corfu island - old town corfu island - old fortess
corfu island - band of corfu corfu island - band of corfu

Kalami is so small that it can barely be called a village. There are only a few houses surrounded by dense vegetation and some restaurants around the bay. The colors of the trees and sea create an impressive scenery. It has a beautiful beach and a lot of rooms to rent if you want to stay. Kalami is a quiet location for those who prefer nature instead of night clubbing.

corfu island - kalami village corfu island - kalami village

Kastellanoi and Kouramades 12km to the southwest of the island are beautiful live villages right next to each other and they are surrounded by olive groves.

Kastellanoi, the capital of Middle Corfu till 1912, is a live settlement with traditional and contemporary houses, a kindergarten and a traditional café where the locals go to spend their time. it is really worth a walk through the olive groves where you will see local people collecting olives, an interesting experience.

Kouramades is a picturesque little village with old houses and stores painted in bright colors. When I visited the village I went for a haircut to the barber shop of Mr. Giannis Chitiris who still uses traditional equipment, in a shop that smells lavender and powder and is a sight worth being seen. Your walk will be complete after you make a stop to Barbarella, that has recently turned into a café-bar. There are only a few tables in the square where you can sit and have a refreshment.

Pelekas is 12km to the west of the island. Kaiser, the emperor of Germany used to come here in the beginning of the 20th century to admire the beautiful sunset. Since then millions of visitors have come to the area called Kaiser's observation tower for the same reason. The tourists stay at the small circular square with the benches and the telescopes to watch the sun color the sea in a bright red color during the sunset. Due to the beauty of the view and the excellent beaches Pelekas is one of the first places in Corfu that has developed as far as tourism is concerned. The last two years a beautiful bar, Kaiser's bar, with a view of the city in lights brings people to the observation tower even for the duration of the whole night. Around the observation point you will find a parking lot, cafes, restaurants, mini-markets, shops and a hotel called Levant if you want to stay the night.

corfu island - pelekas village corfu island - pelekas beach

Apart from the villages mentioned in this page there are also Kentroma, Kouloura, Lakones, Liapades, Marathias, Peroulades, Sinarades and Chlomos that you shouldn't forget to visit if you want to explore more of the traditional corners in Corfu island.

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