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Tzia Traditional Villages

Tzia is the name of the capital of the island, or Chora as we call it, but its ancient name is Ioulida so you might also hear people calling it like that. Moving towards it, you have no view of the village while you are on the road. Nothing prepares you for the miracle that you are about to see as you enter. Numerous densely built houses that look like boxes overwhelm the steep slope. This is a spectacle that you shouldn't miss. You will leave your car at one of the parking spaces near the tab of Rokomenos since the roads are not made for the contemporary means of transportation.

Ioulida, built on the exact same spot of the ancient town is characterized by a rare discretion that unveils its beauties as you move towards its center.

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The entrance of the village is a shelter whose walls have been painted by the famous painter A. Fasianos. The visitors are welcomed by picturesque shops and tavernas.

As you walk by the narrow, cobbly streets you will be impressed by the traditional color and the architecture. Take a look at the castle which has a splendid view.

For those who like walking Ioulida is a paradise since here is the starting point of small trails that unveil its secret charm. The place is surrounded by dells with fountains and fields and it is also said that it has the biggest cluster of wind mills around Cyclades.

Vourkari is about two kilometers away from Korissia. It is a beautiful fishing village that despite its tourist development it maintains its traditional color. During the summer, its safe and picturesque small port welcomes numerous vessels and yachts.

At the dock you will find restaurants serving fresh fish as well as the famous Tzia' s lobster spaghetti.

The nightlife of the island is concentrated here, with many bars, cafes and ouzo serving spots. Among the shops you can find Tzia' s gallery "Vourkariani". There you can see exhibited the work of famous Greek artists such as Tsarouhis, Fasianos, Mitaras, Stathopoulos, Stefanou, Parmakielis and many more.

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KorissiaThe bay of Agios Nikolaos in Korissia, meaning the natural port of the island, is the first stop of each visitor. After the restlessness of the Cavo D' oro the white houses with the tiled roofs pleasantly calm him. This picturesque village is the main tourist center of the island and this contrast becomes apparent almost immediately. The yawls that wait impatiently in the port till the time to go back at the sea comes make room for the yachts to dock.

Moving along the port and while we surpass the fishing nets that are outstretched at the quay we see that across the streets there are shops with items for tourists, restaurants, cafes, super markets, hotel and rooms to let. While strolling one cannot imagine that he is walking on the ancient town Korissos on which the current village is built. Inside the village your attention will be drawn by the chimney of the biggest Mediterranean old factory - it was called Emaye and it is abandoned today - which is about 45 meters high. Some efforts are made in order to use as an exhibition center. Its machines are already exhibited by the society of friends of the Emaye Factory.

Milopotamos Two kilometers away from Korissia we meet the valley of Milopotamos from where the waters of Flea pass by. Flea is a rich spring. For those who love walking it is a very good idea to take the old road which leads from Korissia to Ioulida, a path set on the trails of the ancient road.

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Along the bed 11 water mills are built. They were formerly used throughout the years along with the wind mills for the wheat grinding and they supplied all the villages with flour and animal feed. The water mills are characteristic samples of the architecture of the island. Most of them are abandoned while some are inhabited.

The local tradition awaits for you to discover it!

Playa And finally the last one of the traditional villages that I would recommend you to visit is Playa. An original village with the essence of the island all around it. Don't miss it.

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