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Andros Beaches

An island such as Andros wouldn't miss good beaches and as a result the selections are numerous. For those who are bored running around searching for the greatest place to swim there's the big, clean beach in Batsi which is organized and quite busy. The water is shallow so families with small children may show a preference to it. The golden sand on the beach is fine and soft.

andros beaches - ateni beach andros beaches - axlas beach

Near Batsi you will find Stivari, a beach that maintains its authenticity and attracts even the most demanding vacationers.

Then to the north of Batsi is Agia Marina, a peaceful beach that makes the environment seem familiar.

If you ask the locals they will tell you that they prefer the smaller but organized beach Chrisi Ammos that you will find on the way to Gavrio. Its exotic beauty makes it popular to tourists as well.

andros beaches - batsi beach andros beaches - felos beach

Then there' s Paraporti, another excellent choice. This one is an extended beach right below the southern part of Chora and it is surrounded by locations for boats to anchor.

A piece of friendly advice: don't miss Achla! This is one of the top beaches in Andros. It is on the path of Agios Ioannis to the east, which can be approached by a quite good dirt road and then by a trail. This beach is certainly worth any discomfort that you may come across trying to reach it.

Some Greeks visit it out of curiosity because of its peculiar name, tis Grias to Pidima (meaning, the jump of the old lady), but apart from that the specific beach is among the best of the island. With its exotic scenery it attracts visitors and evokes wonderment. You can find it behind Korthiou Cove.

If you keep asking about people's impressions you will hear the same great descriptions about Fellos which is a bit more to the north of Gavrio.

andros beaches - old women jump beach andros beaches - paraporti beach

Staying to the northern part of the island, if the weather conditions and air allow it you can enjoy your swimming in Small and Big Peza.

And a bit to the west there's the great beach Blihada.

Then there's Gialia, 2km north of Chora. You will reach it from Stenies. Descending the stairs to the beach you will come across a pleasant surprise, since the vegetation is dense.

Niborio, the old port of the island is the classic swimming place for the locals of Chora as well as for the frequent vacationers of the island. It is a small distance away from Chora and provides many services for the bathers.

Then to the south of Chora is Lydi, a small beach that you may also want to visit for the sake of variety.

To take a look at the wonderful sunset go for swimming to Piso Limnionas and stay late so that you can enjoy it.

Agios Petros is a big sandy beach which is situated between Chrisi Ammos and Gavrio.

Almost in the middle of Batsi and Gavrio is Kypri, a sandy organized beach with green waters.

andros beaches - andros beach andros beaches - andros beach

For an exotic essence don't forget to go for swimming in Zarkos. This location attracts many visitors.

Liopesi is a sandy corner only a few minutes away from the port

Lefka, a virgin sandy beach to the eastern part of the island.

Then the beaches in the Cove of Plaka, Ateni, Palaiopolis and Pisolimnionas.

Even if you don't have a boat and you don't like dirt roads it is certain that you will come back from Andros with a tropical tan! (1 niborio beach 2 psili ammos 3 ahla beach)

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