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Kithira Beaches

kithira beaches - kithira beach

Kapsali is a quite small, clean but busy pebbly beach that you may want to visit.

Sparagio is located between the rock of the castle and the port and it is quite a tranquil place. It can be reached through the steep trail that is connected to the road which leads to Chora but also through the sea with a pedalo from Kapsali.

To reach the beach of Chalkos you will follow the road through the Mediterranean village Kalamos (4km). Surrounded by black rocks and covered with small pebbles it is considered by many the best beach of the island. A canteen is there to serve the numerous visitors.

Creek Vroulea is a beach situated to the north of Chalkos and it has rocks and thick pebbles.

Fyri Ammos is a long pebbly beach which is reached through the village of Kalamos as well (4,5km) and it is protected by northern winds. If you walk a bit, you will find yourselves swimming alone. There you can find a canteen, you can rent an umbrella to protect you from the sun or even a sun bed. The natural continuation of Fyri Ammos is the exquisite Kobonada beach.

From Karvounades you can reach the village called Drimonas. From there, following the asphalt at first and then the cement-covered road for about 6km you will reach Melidoni beach. This is a small beach with shoal warm waters, well protected from practically all the winds. There is a canteen, sun beds and umbrellas if you want to rent one.

kithira beaches - avlemonas beach

Going towards Avlemonas you will see its picturesque small port that doesn't resemble the big organized beaches to the least, but its rocks and the location itself will urge you to take a swim in it. This is an ideal place for children since all around it there are many places to sit down if you want to eat, have some coffee or a soda. Avlaimonas is in the middle and eastern edge of the island, accessing it is quite easy and the sea is almost never wavy.

After Avlaimonas you will necessarily pass by the beach of Palaiopolis which is covered with sand and pebbles. And while you are in Palaiopolis don't miss the opportunity to swim in Limni as well, a wonderful sandy beach with light blue waters.

From the beach of Palaiopolis following the signs you will reach the beach of Kakladi that has three coves. The road isn't one of the best, of course it's a dirt road, but it is only 2km so be patient. You must leave your bike or car and go down the stairs. The natural beauty, the rocks, pebbles and sand will compensate you. This is one of the best Ionian beaches. Remember to take some water and umbrellas for the sun with you.

kithira beaches - diakofti beach

In Agia Pelagia except from the sea shore you will find the beaches Fyri Ammos (different from the one in Kalamos) and Kalamitsi, following the dirt road that leaves towards the south along the coast. The road is ending in Kakia Langada a special coast that is evolving towards the exit of the gorge. Although the scenery is extremely impressive, the coast isn't one of the most popular, I guess because of the rocks.

Platia Ammos is a beach which is evolving opposite to Cavo Malia in front of the village. This is a clean beach with thick sand and pebbles. The unique drawback is the beach's exposition to the north winds.

Descending the asphalt from Karavas to Platia Ammos you will see on your right the dirt road which leads to the isolated beach called Fournoi (2 km).

From Logothetianika you will follow the descending road (6km) which will lead you to the cove of Lykodimos. This is a rough beach with a gigantic cave formed by red rocks. If there is a wind the beach is full of waves. There, you will have the greatest view of the sunset.

Twenty-three kilometers away from Kapsali is a cove surrounded by the small village of Limnionas on the western part of the coastline. The beach is protected by the winds but bare in mind that the bottom of the sea is a bit muddy.

kithira beaches - Falls in Milopotamos kithira beaches - Falls in Milopotamos

Agios Lefteris is a beach difficult to access with steep waters but a great sunset to look at. It can be reached through the dirt road of Potamos (5km).

Diakofti is a sandy beach with shoal waters. If you want to reach it you must go to the eastern part of the island.

Lorenzo is an exquisite sand/pebble beach situated on the northern part of the island. Its waters are clean and while you are there you will enjoy the view of Cavo Malias while you will notice at the back the rocks of the Kakia Lagada Gorge. Bare in mind that the beach is not organized. And a tip for you is to select another beach if there are northern winds.

One of the most "unknown" and enchanting, at the same time, beaches is Kalami. The light blue waters and the trees have a magical effect to the scenery and a lot of positive energy. Accessing the specific beach is quite difficult so only the bold ones will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy it. When you reach Milopotamos on the western part of the island ask the locals how you can get there since there are no signs. In order not to get lost have the cemetery of the village and then the church Panagia tis Orfanis as a sign- if you see them you are on the right track. After the church the dirt road stops so you have to park your car and start walking for about 15 minutes and then it's the time for the most difficult part, the descendance of the steep rocks. I repeat that the access is very difficult and quite dangerous so don't take your children with you. The scenery will reward you though, if you finally do manage to reach the beach.

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