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Traditional Easter soup

traditional easter soup





Wash well the pluck and guts. The intestines have washed very well and turned upside down with a straw. Add to pluck and gut in boiling water and Scald. Just cook the chop into very small pieces.

Put in a pot to burn oil

Add the onions, and fresh and dry fry the pieces of pluck and guts.

Add lettuce and dill.

Season to taste

Add 4 cups water

Reduce heat and let simmer

Once boiling add the rice

Once everything is ready turn off the heat, beat the egg whites to a soft meringue and the yolks separately.

We squeeze lemons, add yolks and beat the meringue

Add a little bit of lemon juice

Add a little more broth from the soup beating rapidly and constantly

When you have enough to throw around with the pot

Gently shake the pan to go in lemon sauce everywhere.

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