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Eleftherios Venizelos

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Eleftherios Venizelos was born in Chania, Crete in 1864 and died in France in 1936. He studied law in Athens and he became the leader of the Liberal Party in Crete. In 1896 he participated prominently in Crete’s resistance against the Turks during the occupation. In 1905 Venizelos became the island's first independent prime minister and five years later he became the prime minister of Greece. As a result of his actions and his support to the Balkan League against Turkey, Greece gained territory from its defeated rivals.

During the First World War he made an alliance with Britain, France and Russia. When Venizelos wanted to give military aid to the allies and King Constantine I refused, he resigned. In March 1915 though he was re-elected and later on he got dismissed by the king and returned to Crete where he formed a provisional revolutionary government.

Along with the support of the allies and the king’s deposition Venizelos regained his power practically without taking any actions. He continued to fight for the Greek war but despite his achievements he was defeated in the General Election of 1920. King Constantine was invited back to power. Venizelos became the prime minister again in 1924, 1928-32 and 1933. In 1935 Venizelos made an effort to support another revolt in Crete that was a failure. After that he was obliged to leave Greece and go to France till the end of his life.

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