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Greek Islands Ancient Coins

"Kydonia Coin-Silver Stater"

Kydonia, at the north-west end of the island, was built by Kydon, son of Akakallis, one of Minos's daughter's. The staters and smaller subdivisions struck in the 4th c BC are devoted to the hero Kydon and the cult of Dionysos. The head of Dionysos is depicted crowned with vine-leaves and grapes on the obverse, and Kydon, naked, stretching his bow on the reverse.

Kydonia was also center of the cult of Artemis Diktynne, known in some parts of Crete as Britomartys, whose sanctuary was near the city. The Hellenistic flat tetradrachms, and the bronze issues have reference to the cult of Diktynne associated with the moon.

ancient greek coins - silver stater
Silver stater 4th c. BC. Kydon stringing a bow

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