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"Lyttos Coin-Silver Stater"

Lyttos, to the south-east of Knossos in the foothills of Mount Aigaion, was one of the largest cities of Crete.

Lyttos minted a large number of silver coins of "crude" style, as did the majority of the Cretan cities. Its staters date from the middle of the 5th c. BC and depict a flying eagle and the head of a boar in an incuse square. The eagle has reference to the cult of Diktaian Zeus, and the head of the boar is probably the emblem of Artemis.

The mint of Lyttos ceased production in the 3rd c. BC, when the city was captured by neighbouring Knossos.

rare coins - silver-stater rare coins - silver-stater
Silver stater c. 400-300 BC. O. Head of a boar R. Eagle

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