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Greek Islands Ancient Coins

"Skiathos Coin-Bronze Coin"

Skiathos lies between the southernmost point of the coast of Magnesia and ancient Peparethos (Skopelos). The earliest settlers are said to have been Pelasgians, though the island was later colonized by the Chalkidians. After the Persian Wars, it came under the Athenian sphere of influence, paying an annual tribute, and was later subject to the kings of Makedonia. During the 4th c. BC it issued bronze coins, though its mint probably ceased production when Philip II captured Thessaly. The numismatic types of the island are associated with Hermes, as is clear from the depiction of the caduceus, which is a recurring reverse type. It is not certain whether the youthful male head with a ribbon depicted on the obverse is to be attributed to Hermes, Apollo, or to some other local god. Another iconographic type is the gorgoneion.

rare coins - bronze coin
Bronze coin middle of the 4th cencury BC. Caduceus

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