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The Temple of Olympian Zeus - Olympeion

temple of olympian zeus

The temple of Olympian Zeus was built by emperor Hadrian who was also a philhellenist (117-132 AC). It was a monumental and really impressive temple dedicated to king of Gods Zeus. It had 104 pillars but only 15 are saved until today. The 16th has dropped on the ground (there are three rows of 8 pillars on the east and west side and two double rows on the long sides). It is built on older temples dedicated to Olympian Zeus. The Ancient Athenians were considering the altars of the Olympeion as the oldest in Athens. To the north of the Olympeion, inside a small park you can see whatever has remained from the propylon, a part of Themistokles' wall and the roman baths.

temple of olympian zeus king fo gods zeus - temple of olympian zeus

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