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The Eastern Side of the Ancient Agora

ancient athens agora

Attalos Archway: this one is a two-floor archway of shops (first half of the 2nd century BC). It was built by king Attalos the 2nd in honor of the Athenians and his teacher Karneados who was a stoic philosopher. It has a length of 116 meters. The pillars of the ground floor are of Doric order while the pillars of the first floor are of Ionic order. It was fully reconstructed during the 1950s from the American Archaeological School which has been excavating the Agora since 1931. The archway is currently operating as a museum. The exhibits were found on the course of excavations in the Agora and they give out a representative image of the function of democracy in Athens.

Panathinaea Street: the street's beginning was in Kerameikos, then passed in front of Attalos archway and ended up in the entrance of the Acropolis. This was the route of the Panathinaea Procession as well. Panathinaea was the most important feast of the Athenians in honor of Goddess Athena who was the protector of the city. It was celebrated every four years in the summer. A wheeled trireme was used to carry the peplum of the goddess through Panathinaea street with a destination towards the Acropolis. The frieze of the Parthenon portrays this procession.

Temple of the Holly Apostles of Solakis: this is one of the most beautiful, early temples of the medieval era dating back to 1000. It includes four cross-like pillars with side sockets and its external walls are decorated. It was built in its original form from Samuel M. Kress Institute of New York.

Pandenos Library - Roman Wall - Elefsinio: towards the southeastern part of the Agora we can see the signs of the new defensive wall which was built a bit after the destruction caused by Erouli in 267 AC. Nearby, Elefsinio was also situated, an Athenian branch of the shrine of Goddess Dimitra and her daughter Persephone in Elefsina. Along with the Parthenon and Thission this was one of the most important sanctuaries in Athens. This was the location where, every year, after the celebration of the Elefsinian Sacraments the 500 parliament members had their session.

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