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Eastern Slope of the Acropolis

acropolis eastern slope

Agravlos Cave: in front of the eastern cave a sign was accidentally found at the same point where an ancient sign was also set. This was a voting of the Ecclesia tou Dimou of 247 BC where Timokriti, the priestess of the altar of Agravlos was honored. At the time, Polyefktos was the ruler. The sign's end presents the decision to be written on a stone pillar and be set in front of the altar of Agravlos. With this valuable finding we are certain that this is the cave of Agravlos.

Agravlos, the daughter of Cecrops was the most beloved princess of the Athenians who turned out to be a very important deity. In front of her imposing altar the eighteen-year-old Athenians were taking their oaths and received their shield and spear.

acropolis eastern slope - eastern cave acropolis eastern slope - eastern cave

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