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Milos Hot Springs

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Ta Bania tu Charu (Death's Baths)

milos hot springs - deth bath

Nicknamed "Charons" due to their traditional black Cretan clothes, the Makrinakis family arrived in Milos about 150 years ago. The Death's springs were the outcome of a bore the first member of the Makrinakis line did in search of water for his gardens. The Death's Baths used to be rather popular, but now the visits are not so many. Of course, that just means they won't be crowded, it has nothing to do with their quality.

How will you get there?

If you walk up from the Adamas harbor to Plaka, there's a car-shop on the left. Just across there's a dirt road that leads up to the springs. The house is on the right side of this dirt road.

So, here's how it goes.

Visiting the Death's Baths is really an unforgettable experience. There are five very clean basins; you can mix the water (of which the temperature can even reach 185o F) with the lukewarm water of the tern, so you can achieve a temperature you like. The water is bright and odorless.

Lutra Lakkou

The inactive volcano of Milos rests at the bottom of the Adamas harbor. On the left side of the gulf lie the Lutra Lakkou (the Springs of Lakkos). The cave is about 15 meters deep.

So, here it goes.

There is a hole deep inside the cave. It can only take one person. The water's temperature is up to 91o F, but it gets warmer or colder depending on the tide. The springs are open from July 15th-20th to October.

milos hot springs - loutra lakkou


The beach of Paleochori has rather high temperatures. Actually, they're so high that a restaurant close to the beach claims they cook their dishes on the sand! At some point the temperature of the sand is higher than 194 o F.

How will you get there?

Paleochori is a village just 19 kilometers from Amadas. There are signs that will lead you there.

So, here it goes.

You should definitely get in. The waters are lukewarm for about 5-6 meters. The beach is usually not crowded because most of the people prefer the one next to it, with the restaurant.

Tria Pigadia (Three Wells)

Tria Pigadia is not a village but a secluded beach. It took its name from the three wells that are there for watering the animals. The Tria Pigadia Springs are long forgotten, which means you're unlikely to find anyone there.

How will you get there?

They're 9 kilometers away from Apollonia. You take the road to Varytini and after 5 kilometers you turn left (there's no sign). You enter a dirt road and travel for 2,5 kilometers until you reach a crossroad with a sign that says "To Tria Pigadia", on your left. After 1,5 kilometer you'll find the beach.

So, here it goes.

On the right side of the beach, facing the sea on the root of a secluded rock, you'll find the springs. There are two big rocks two meters inside the sea. Between them a natural basin is formed. It's the best spot for swimming.

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