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The Catacombs

catacombs milos island  catacombs milos island

The catacombs of Milos are one of the most important findings of the first Christian years. They were discovered in 1844 and according to the research made during the excavations they are dated around the end of the 1st century. Along with Rome's catacombs they are the most important Christian cemeteries and worship locations of the persecution era. They were in use till the 5th century. They are comprised by three catacombs with many small and big corridors - 200m in total - which form junctions and end in a death chamber.

Excavations have shown that the sides of the corridors contained tombs with a total of 5 to 7 bodies. Some of those tombs were also found on the floors. Some of them are decorated with vegetal jewellery and symbolic sketches. It is estimated that more than 2000 Christians were buried in the catacombs.

Apart from being a cemetery the catacombs were also used as a worship location during the difficult years of the Christian persecutions. Milos' catacombs are the proof of how prematurely Christianity was spread on the island. Today only a part of the catacombs is open to visitors. Visiting them will fill you with wonderment.

catacombs milos island - The entrance to the catacombs catacombs milos island

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