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Milos Local Products

Milos Local Cuisine

There is no possibility to visit Milos and not be impressed by the traditional dishes and the local treats. You should definitely taste pitarakia (local fried cheese pies with cheese, onion and herbs), kritharenia koulouria (barley rusks) that the locals used to eat after having soaked them in sea water and added some tomato on top, tomato balls, strapatsada (eggs mixed with other ingredients) cheese balls, tripe (pork-leg soup), fresh sea food, local meats, lasagna with skordalia (a garlic spread with oil and bread). The local cheeses are also very tasty, try Milos' dry cheese, touloumotiri and xinomyzithra.

greek products - milos strapatsada greek products - milos strapatsada

Milos Sweets

Koufeto is a traditional sweet made in Milos from sweet white pumpkin, local honey, sugar and almonds. It is usually offered to newly weds and guests during marriages or engagements and that's why it is also called "the marriage sweet". This way guests wish the new couple a happy start to their new life together. This tradition is still kept until today.

greek products - milos loukoumia greek products - milos loukoumia

If you like koufeto you better taste the Loukoumi (delight) as well. They taste the same but loukoumi is a bit more solid.

Sweet spanakopitakia (spinach pies) with raisins and syrup, also called flaounes, are also very tasty.

greek products - milos Kalisounia sponach greek products - milos Kalisounia cheese

You won't also miss the opportunity to eat Karpouzopita (water melon pie), cookies and lambrokouloures, special biscuits that are prepared during Easter, and Kalisounia, which are pies made from myzithra, a light cheese.

If you are an ice-cream fan you will be impressed since ice-creams are prepared with local milk and they are very fresh and delicious.

Milos Flower Honey

Milos produces many kinds of honey but one of its best is flower honey. It has a strong smell of flowers, especially lavender and it is very nutritious.

milos flower honey

Milos Tomato Paste

During the summer months the tomato growers collect the tomatoes which are then smashed and left under the sun to dry after they are salted. The procedure followed is traditional and it takes a lot of time and effort. After the tomatoes have thickened they take a dark red color and an exquisite taste. Then they put it in jars with olive oil. These pastes are nothing like the ones sold in super markets. Taste them and you will confirm this information. The locals spread it on bread and wash it down with local wines.

greek products - milos tomato pastegreek products - milos tomato paste

Milos Caper

Caper is a plant which flourishes in Milos. It is usually collected during the spring and summer months. It is processed following all the traditional steps and it is maintained in saltwater for a long time. It is used in salads, pies and cooking in general.

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