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Chios Hot Springs

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Agiasmata Keramou

The hot springs are by the sea, on the left side of Agiasmata Beach, in north Chios. The waters gather in a tank and travel through pipes to the new balneary. The waters have been famous for their healing power since the Byzantine times.

How will you get there?

Agiasmata is about 25 kilometers away from Volissos. The road has many turns, but it's worth that dizziness. There's also signage.

Where will you stay?

There are several lovely traditional guest houses in Volissos where you can stay

So, here it goes.

The facilities are modern, built in the 90's. There are about 12 basins. The water is bright, odorless and salty. It's open from June to September. Also try the footbath, it's an excellent experience. Fifteen minutes in the small hot basin are enough to refresh your feet.

hot springs agiasmata keramou - agiasma keramou

Agia Markella

At this point, let me warn you that the story you're going to read, the life of Saint Marcella, is a very frightening and macabre story. See, Saint Marcella (Agia Markella) was the offspring of a rather wealthy Christian family that lived in Volissos in the 4th century A.D. When she was still very young, she lost her mother and as she grew up she decided she'd remain a virgin for all her life and be Christ's bride. But as she grew up, her beauty blinded her own father who, encouraged by the devil, started flirting her. One day he tried to rape her in her room, but Marcella got out and ran away to the mountains. Her father started chasing her down and soon caught up with her, so he threw an arrow to her foot to stop her. Wounded and as she saw her father approaching, Marcella wished the earth would open and swallow her. So it did; it hid her virgin body up until the waist. Her father, furious, cut her breasts and threw them to the rocks and then her head, which he threw in the sea.

At that point where Marcella was hit by the arrow, hot healing springs appeared. Once a year on July 22nd when her memory is celebrated, the priest blesses the water, which is hotter than ever that day.

How will you get there?

On foot. There's a path starting from the right side of the beach where the Agia Markella monastery is.

chios greece hot springs - agia markella

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