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Mykonos Local Products


It is made of the same part of the pig that gives is the fillet. You can find it in other islands also, though slightly different. Mykonians put the fillet in salt for about 24 hours, after it has been cured with spices, oregano, peppers and savory large quantities. Then it is stuffed in "eyes" (the pig"s lower intestine) and hanged to "dry" in the air. Before that they light up a fire made of pig manure, while repels flies. After two weeks, the louza is already to be consumes. The intestines are removes and it is cut in small slices


Mykonos sausages are considered the finest in Greece, as they have a large content of meat, and a significantly smaller amount of fat. They are produced in a way similar to that of the louza.


A type of soft cheese with a peppery, spicy flavor. It is usually made of cow milk, or a mixture of cow, lamb and goat milk. It is then congealed and drained in the traditional manner. It takes several months for its maturation. During that time more cheese is always added to the mixture for the fermentation to continue. If you go to Mykonos, you definitely have to taste it-since it is the product most closely connected to the island.


Accompanying the savory specialties of the island is the famous pastry known as Amigthalota or almond sweet. Often present at festive events such as weddings, baptisms and family celebrations, these pastries are also enjoyed by many at any time of the year. It should be noted that two forms of the almond specialty exist. First is the popular elongated cookie shape that is distinctively covered in powdered sugar. Second is known as the 'kalathaki' (basket) that is actually almond cake which has been baked into a small pastry cupcake mold and often individually wrapped.


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