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Skiing in Greece – Vermio – Seli Ski Resort

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Seli Ski Resort Distance

Seli is the oldest ski resort in Greece situated 508 km from Athens, 95 km from Thessaloniki, 24 km from Veroia and 20 km from Naousa.

Seli Ski Resort Access

You can reach it by car following the national road connecting Athens to Thessaloniki and the trip will take you about 5 hours. Using the public bus you will have to pay a ticket of €30 and the trip lasts 7 hours. You can also use the train paying a ticket of €15,10 while the trip duration is 7 hours approximately.


The highest point of Vermio is at 2065 m. The installations of the resort start at 1520 m and the last lift reaches up to 1890 m.

Seli Ski Resort Skiing sites

The resort includes 18 skiing sites of a total length of 16 km with different levels of difficulty.

vermio ski resort - seli ski resort


There are six lifts with different names.

Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 am till 16:00 pm from December to March.


Yearly cards: €100 for adults and €50 for children, discount card €80

Weekly card: €40

vermio ski resort - seli ski resort

One day cards for weekends: €11 (adults), €8 (pupils), €8 (students), €6 (children), €7 (baby lift), €4 (lifts for pedestrian visitors), €2 (lifts for pedestrian students).

One day cards for weekdays: €10 (adults), €7 (pupils), €7 (students), €6 (children), €7 (baby lift), €4 (lifts for pedestrian visitors), €2 (lifts for pedestrian students).


Only 100 m from the huge parking lot you will find a small village. Three cafes, restaurants, a big refuge belonging to the Veroia skiers’ association and a smaller one belonging to Thessaloniki climbers’ association. The big refuge can accommodate up to 120 people and the small one up to 70.

Ski lessons

seli ski resort - Snowmobile

You will find Platitsas skiing school on the premises of the resort which is one of the oldest in Greece founded in 1965. The private lessons cost €30 per hour and the group lessons for 2 to 3 people €15 per hour. There are special prices for bigger groups.

Ski equipment rental

You will find four ski equipment shops. The prices range from €10 for ski sets, and €15 for snowboards. The prices are a bit higher during the weekends and holidays.

What’s new

Night skiing and parties, a "must" of the ski resort.

seli ski resort - snowboards

Other activities

Snowmobile trips for €15 the 15’ and slaying for 5’.

Best Descent

Efleia is the best skiing site of the resort offering a panoramic view of the mountain tops surrounding the area.

Accommodation - Vermio

Vermion hotel, price for double rooms €90, tel no (+30) 23320-29311

Chagiati hotel, price for double rooms €80, tel no (+30) 23320-52120

Ambelonas Valtadorou, price for double rooms €65, tel no (+30) 23320-52300

vermion hotel lobby vermion hotel room

Taste Greek cuisine in Vermio

vermio ski resort - local food

Oinomageiremata, original dishes with traditional ingredients, tel no (+30) 23320-23576.

Gerania, try the stuffed burger and the trout, tel no (+30) 23320-25174.

Kedros, try the grilled meats and especially the dear, tel no (+30) 6978-640678.

Karafolia, taste the hot bean soup and the grilled meat accompanied by excellent wine, tel no (+30) 23310-49397.

Local transportation

Veroia local buses (+30) 23310-26100.

Medical care

Medical Center available with a doctor, nurse and ambulance on the premises of the ski resort (+30) 23310-49226.

Useful telephone numbers

Seli ski resort (+30) 23310-49226.

vermio ski resort

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