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Skiing in Greece - Florina – Vigla – Pisoderi Ski Resort

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Pisoderi Ski Resort Distance

Vigla-Pisoderi ski resort is situated in Florina prefecture 19 km from Florina, 178 km from Thessaloniki and 590 km from Athens.

Pisoderi Ski Resort Access

By car for 7 and a half hours, by bus for 8 and a half hours and a ticket price of €43,30 (one way) and by train for 7 hours and a ticket price of €37,50. If you are in a hurry you can also take the plane and be there in an hour.


It starts at 1600 m and the highest point reaches 1900 m.

Pisoderi Ski Resort Skiing sites

The resort has 12 skiing sites of Olympic dimensions with different names.

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There are five lifts in total.

Operating hours

Daily from 09:00 am till 16:30 pm.

Ticket Price

Daily card: €15 on weekdays €17 on weekends

Yearly card: €93-94

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Yearly student card: €65

Trailer hospitality: €250 per season


It’s right in front of the resort. There, you can relax, have a drink or eat something, play chess or ping pong and rent skiing equipment.

Ski lessons

There are experienced ski instructors on the premises waiting to teach you.

Ski equipment rental

pisodedri ski resort - pisoderi ski resort

In the chalet you will find anything you may need. Ski equipment €14, snowboard €20, snowmobil €25 for 15 minutes and two persons. You can also rent a slay for €5 an hour.

What’s new

Trailer hospitality location for the whole season and night skiing on weekends and holidays till 1:00.

Other activities

Visit Voras, Triklarios, Vernos and Varnoundas the four mountains in Florina for trekking and 4X4, the six beautiful lakes of the area and the traditional settlement of Nymfaio. The area is full of trees and birds, a true paradise.

Best Descent

The new skiing site with the name Oxia, one of the best routes in Greece with a length of 2500 m, a great challenge for experienced skiers.

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Accommodation - Florina

Philippio Hotel, cost for a double room €85, tel no (+30) 23850-23346

Modesteio Guest House, cost for a double room €60, tel no (+30) 23850-45928

Ateron Suites and Spa, cost for a double room €74, tel no (+30) 23860-2000

Lygos hotel, cost for a double room €120, tel no (+30) 23850-28322

pisodedri ski resort - ateron suites and spa pisodedri ski resort - ateron suites and spa

Taste Greek cuisine in Florina

pisodedri ski resort - youvetsi or beef with pasta

Dervisides, special dishes and traditional tastes, tel no (+30) 23850-28477

Gefyri, delicious home-made dishes, tel no (+30) 23850-29290

Alli Ochthi, home-made dishes and tasty tsipouro, tel no (+30) 23850-26888

Local transportation

Florina taxis (+30) 23850-23100, Florina local buses (+30) 23850-22430 and train (+30) 23850-22404.

Medical care

Medical Center available on the premises of the ski resort and Florina General Hospital (+30) 23850-22555/28025/23700.

Useful telephone numbers

Vigla - Pisoderi ski resort (+30) 23850-45800/1, contact person Konstantinos Tottis.

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