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Types of Gum Mastic

mastic gum products - mastiha


The 'foam' of gum mastic which occurs when many drops become one. It has rather an oval shape, like a small plaque. The biggest part is about 7cm2, the smallest 3-3 cm2.

Fliskari of Kantilera

Gum mastic parts, smaller than Pitta, but cleaner - hung on the trunk of the tree. Their collection is always done by timitiri.


Smaller than fliskari with the shape of a precious stone.

mastic gum products - mastic


Gum mastic smaller than daktilidopetra and much smaller than fliskari, hung on the cutting 'like a tear'.

Rolling or Small

Very small parts, drops from the cuttings which become circular.

Anapinada or Neropinada

mastic gum products - mastiha

Low quality gum mastic which was damp or containing soil.


Gum mastic which has stuck and become like a ball.


Tiny bits like powder which are the remains of the cleaning process.

mastic gum products - mastiha

Clean Gum Mastic

Today's categories of the clean gum mastic are 1. pitta, 2. large tears and 3. small tears.

Most of the elaboration and classification jobs are done by women. The rest of the subproducts' remnants (soil, leaves and powder of gum mastic) is given to the producer's wife as a 'gift'. After the gum mastic collection period, the roving sellers travel to gum mastic villages broadcasting their products in exchange for powder.

mastic gum products - mastic clean

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