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Gum Mastic Products

The Mastic Chewing Gum

In 1955 the Association began research on the production of a mastic chewing gum. The operation of a factory started in 1957 and, in the first year, 8000 kilos of mastic chewing gum were produced. In 1962 production increased to 65000 kilos! In 1985 about 130000 kilos of ELMA (ELliniki MAstiha) were produced and in 1986, about 190000.

mastic gum - chios mastic mastic gum - chios mastic

The creator of ELMA is Evangelos Mendonidis from the mastic village of Patrika, a farmer-inventor, founder member of THE CHIOS GUM MASTIC GROWERS' ASSOCIATION. He produced with his own prescription and machinery. He had a Patent Diploma from the Ministry of National Economy and donated his invention and ELMA patent to the Association.

Gum Mastic Oil

Gum Mastic Oil was well known to Ancient Greeks. Dioscourides specifically said that the people of Chios produced Gum Mastic Oil. It was well known to the Romans as well, as Mastichinum Oleum.

mastic gum - mastic oil  mastic gum - mastic oil

In the middle of the 15th century, gum mastic oil was produced for the first time in Germany at Brunschwig, by dry distillation as it is referred to in its Budget of 1518. It became known in 1573 among Berlin Pharmacists and then in 1580 at Pharmacopoea Augustana.

Gum mastic oil can also be produced from the leaves and branches of the tree. Only 3% is produced by distillation of gum mastic but, when the gum mastic is in liquid form, what comes out from the tree contains about 14-20% of gum mastic oil.

Rosin (Colophony)

mastic gum - Gum Rosin

This is the resinic substance, after the removal of ethereal oil from gum mastic.

Frankincense (Moscholivano)

mastic gum - frankincense

Moscholivano is produced from gum mastic, rosin, swell particles and natural perfumes.

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