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Olive Oil Characteristics

Organic Olive Oil olive oil - greek organic olive oil

Greek olive oil is in general, of good quality. Cultivation methods do not use a lot of fertilizers. In the last few years, many naturally cultivating olive producers have actually appeared in Greece. These farmers have made progress and they have been internationally recognized.

These olive oil producers provide oil which is rich in organic characteristics. Olive oil extraction is done under strict conditions of processing, where no chemicals are permitted nor heat in the press and no other techniques are used which might affect its characteristics

Organic products are protected by law in many countries of the European Union (that includes Greece, of course) and they are carefully checked by quality control organizations. Organic oil is usually extra virgin olive oil or just virgin.

Virgin Olive Oil olive oil - greek virgin oil

In general, virgin olive oil is, regardless of its quality level, a natural product, which has not had its characteristics altered, has been extracted naturally, without chemicals or other processing and with heat during pressing that doesn't exceed 33 Celsius.

It's the oil used in most olive oil producing areas in Greece. This olive oil retains all its natural characteristics which have been pressed out of olive fruit.

Refined Olive Oil olive oil - greek pure olive oil

This olive oil has a bad smell and taste and it has to be processed in order to be made edible. The refining eliminates the bad smell and taste so that the oil attains neutral characteristics.

Pure Olive Oil

It is a product which answers the market's demands. It is basically a refined olive oil, to which virgin oil is added to improve its character. Unfortunately, there are no set levels of blending, thus there could be 50% virgin oil in a mixture of just 10%. Industries that deal with its promotion have come up with their own levels in a mixture so as to improve the quality but at the same time keep the price down.

olive oil - greek olive oil production

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