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Kefalonia's Forty Venetian Wells

In the valley of Omala, a few meters away from the monastery of Agios Gerasimos you will see what most of the locals say kouloura, a square with a big platan which is said to have the shape of Kefalonia's saint right palm. Right next to it you will see the well that Agios Nektarios made with his own hands and if you move a bit to the left you will find yourselves in a green field full of white circles. These are the forty Venetian wells that catered with water the castle of Agios Georgios. The location where these wells would be created was indicated by Agios Gerasimos in 1500 and they were built by the Venetians. It is really enjoyable wandering around them and the scenery is really impressive from a higher spot, the wells look like white polka dots in a green background.

venetian walls of Kefalonia venetian walls of Kefalonia venetian walls of Kefalonia

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