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Unique Melissani... The famous cave of Kefalonia

It has been hidden for a hundred years since its roof collapsed to reveal a lake and a cave at the same time. The scenery is extremely impressive at noon when the sun rays pass vertically through that natural window. If you want to enjoy it yourselves you will find it just two kilometres from Sami at an altitude of 30 metres above the sea level. In 1963 a small tunnel was created to help reach the boats for the cave. The water is 33 meters deep and the boatmen who also serve as guides will explain to you that a big portion of sea waters mingle with those of the lake. They will sing and tell you jokes and they won't forget to mention that professor Marinatos, a famous archaeologist has discovered on the island situated inside the lake ancient discs and plates showing the Greek god Pan surrounded by nymphs. The legend says that Melissani took its name from nymph Melissanthi who drowned when Pan refused her love while an old tradition mentions that a village girl with the same name drowned while she was looking for her lost sheep.

melissani cave melissani cave

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