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Kefalonia's Monasteries

Atros Monastery

Four and a half kilometres 4,5km of a difficult road have to be crossed in order to reach the most ancient monastery of Kefalonia which is up 760 meters. It was founded during the 8th century BC while the first time that it is mentioned in a report is in 1260.

In that monastery which operates as a convent only for nuns and can be found in a magical location on Atros Mountain are saved Archontariki and the monastery's medieval tower which is the oldest of the island.

Apostle Andreas Milapidias Monastery

It has its roots back in the time of Byzantium, the hospitable women's convent is located in Peratata and it is one of the most important monasteries of the island. At first it was dedicated to the Panagia of Milapidia. In 1639 the Greek-Romanian princess Roxanne was saved by a miracle from a shipwreck and came to the convent to serve as a nun changing her name into Romylia. Apart from all her assets she also gave the monastery a priceless cross from Agio Oros, and the sacred mortal remains of the right foot of Apostle Andreas in which the hole from the nail of his crucifixion is clearly evident. Inside the monastery you will find an extremely important ecclesiastic museum.

Agrilia Monastery

It was built during the 18th century in Agrilia in Sami and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is said that Kosmas Aetolos chose the specific convent to preach during his tour in Sami. This is a men's convent.

Thematon Monastery

This is one of the oldest monasteries in Kefalonia (1096) and it is built near Makriotika village in a beautiful location. The icon of Virgin Mary is said to be miraculous and it is celebrated apart from the 15th of August, on good Tuesday in Easter. Around this men's convent there is a fabulous forest.

Kipouraeon Monastery

It is literally hang on the rocks in a height of 90 metres and it has a view of the Ionian sea. It took its name thanks to the numerous gardens (kipoi) that the monks used to maintain and it is found 15km away from Lixouri. The catholic was built in 1759 but it has been through several damages. It used to host 80 monks but since 1990 only father Efsevios lives here.

Sission Monastery

It is found in found in Lourdas cove and it has been there since the 13th century and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary. Its only monk, father Ignatios, will surprise you with his hospitality and his energetic personality. Ask him to show you the ruins of the old temple.

Kefalonia's Monasteries

Kefalonia's Monasteries

Kefalonia's Monasteries

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