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Exploring Ainos, the black mountain of Kefalonia

Ainos, or the black mountain as it is called seems to pop-up from the middle of the sea. With an altitude of 1628 meters it is the biggest mountain of Kefalonia and the Ionian islands and it is a natural monument.

The Venetian seamen named it Monte Nero (black mountain) because of the impression that it gives out from afar due to the dark green color of its firs. These special trees were used in the past for the construction of ships and important works such as the Mycenaean pillars found in the palace of Knossos. Although the fires have caused serious damage to the woods the mountain is still impressive and declared as a national park since 1962. It is still a gift from nature and a refugee for several species of fauna and more than 350 species of flora. A bit lower than the top you will have the opportunity to admire the ruins of the temple of Ainisios Dias. The view of the Ionian sea from there is just magical.

mount ainos mount ainos

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