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The Chapel of Agios Gerasimos in Kefalonia

Kefalonia has been characterized by many experts as a huge ecclesiastic museum and the leading role of this museum is held by the monastery of the island's protector, Agios Gerasimos. This is also the last resting place of the aristocrat Gerasimos Notaras since 1579. In 1560 he had renovated the chapel of Koimiseos tis Theotokou while he founded a monastery for women. This sacred location is swamped with people especially in the 15th of August when the celebration of the saint takes place. Whichever season of the year you pass by, the nuns will offer you kind hospitality and they will show you their paintings of saints. A 3-meter stair will take you to a cave with a hole in the back. This is the place where Agios Gerasimos used to live and it is certainly impressive.

Agios Gerasimos church exterior Agios Gerasimos church paintings interior picture Agios Gerasimos picture

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