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Fiskardo Kefalonia

This settlement with the traditional architecture emerges with all its magnificence as the its famous or non-famous visitors approach its port by boat. Fiskardo is revealed through the satisfying walks of its narrow streets called kandounia with the two-story houses and the characteristic balconies. Inside the settlement you will have the opportunity to stroll for shopping in the colorful shops, eat in luxurious restaurants and take a look at the yachts and other boats anchored at the pier. During the decade of the sixties there was a great development of the tourist infrastructure and that was the time that the first yachts made their appearance in the island. Fiskardo took its name from Robert Guiscard, the leader of the Normans who died here in 1085.

Although Fiskardo is really crowded today it maintains a serenity that cannot be matched. The location has to show an incredible archaeological interest and many tools dating back to the Paleolithic era have been discovered here along with the roman baths and a necropolis with carved, rock sarcophagus.

Other settlements that definitely worth the attention of visitors on the island are Kourkoumelata, Asos, Poros, Skala and Agia Efimia.

Fiskardo Fiskardo Fiskardo

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