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Kefalonia's Castle of Saint George, the eternal guard

On top of a 320-meter hill filled with pine trees in Peratata you will find the castle of Agios Georgios or just Kastro which is a reference point for Kefalonia and a protected monument. It is said that it was built from Byzantine Emperors when the island was protecting itself from the piratical invasions of Arabs and other conquerors. Here was the administrative base of Kefalonia till 1757 when the capital was moved to Argostoli. The fortress, which in its course underwent several interventions, has a length of 16000 sqm and a wall perimeter of 600 meters. You will notice that there are crenellations and observation towers and a part of a bridge which was built during the French occupation of the island. In its internal part there are ruins of the Catholic temple of Agios Georgios. Within the fortress there were other temples as well, storage rooms, hospitals, jails, water tanks, barracks, public and private buildings many of which were bearing the coat of arms of noble Venetians. There was also a tunnel used as an emergency exit leading Koutavos lake in Argostoli.

Castle of Saint George Castle of Saint George

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